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Dimple Blocks

Dimple Blocks


These blocks feature a rounded indentation to hold a sphere or egg. Available in many different sizes and thicknesses, most are also available in clear, black, or frosted acrylic. All have beveled edges and are polished throughout.
Quantity Description HeightFinishDimple DiameterSquare Price
J-541 Dimple Blocks 1/4Clear1/27/8 $9.57 per doz
J-541B Dimple Blocks 1/4Black1/27/8 $12.54 per doz
J-561 Dimple Blocks 3/8Clear3/41 1/4 $22.45 per doz
J-561B Dimple Blocks 3/8Black3/41 1/4 $26.75 per doz
J-581 Dimple Blocks 1/2Clear7/81 1/2 $32.36 per doz
J-581B Dimple Blocks 1/2Black7/81 1/2 $37.64 per doz
J-582 Dimple Blocks 1/2Clear1 1/82 $40.61 per doz
J-582B Dimple Blocks 1/2Black1 1/82 $46.23 per doz
J-590 Dimple Blocks 3/4Clear1 7/162 $4.57 each
J-590B Dimple Blocks 3/4Black1 7/162 $4.88 each
J-591 Dimple Blocks 3/4Clear1 7/83 $5.48 each
J-591B Dimple Blocks 3/4Black1 7/83 $5.72 each
J-592 Dimple Blocks 3/4Clear1 7/83 1/2 $6.89 each
J-592B Dimple Blocks 3/4Black1 7/83 1/2 $7.23 each
         NOTE: All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise indicated.

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