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Ways To Display > Acrylic Displays > Acrylic Risers > Square and Narrow Risers > Thick Beveled Riser

Thick Beveled Riser

Thick Beveled Riser

All sizes of these square risers are made of 3/8"-thick acrylic with beveled edges
Quantity Description HeightWidthDepth Price
J-R10BT Thick Beveled Riser 101010 $55.90 each
J-R11BT Thick Beveled Riser 111111 $74.55 each
J-R12BT Thick Beveled Riser 121212 $93.18 each
J-R14BT Thick Beveled Riser 141414 $125.80 each
J-R16BT Thick Beveled Riser 161616 $158.44 each
J-R6BT Thick Beveled Riser 666 $20.97 each
J-R7BT Thick Beveled Riser 777 $26.78 each
J-R8BT Thick Beveled Riser 888 $32.61 each
J-R9BT Thick Beveled Riser 999 $40.78 each
         NOTE: All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise indicated.

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