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Ways To Display > Multi-Platform Displays > Rectangular-Platform Display

Rectangular-Platform Display

Rectangular-Platform Display

Create visual interest with our six-platform acrylic countertop displays. They make great use of valuable counter space and are easy to adjust into a variety of positions. Available in both clear and mirrored acrylic, some items, such as pewter or crystal figures, are enhanced by the mirrored finish. All units are packaged unassembled for easy shipping.
Quantity Description Height Price
J-TS05 Rectangular-Platform Display
Platforms are 3" x 6" , overall height is 10 1/4" . Fully extended width is 26"
10 1/4 $43.15 each
J-TS05M Rectangular-Platform Display
Mirrored Acrylic
10 1/4 $58.27 each
J-TS1 Rectangular-Platform Display
Platforms are 4 1/2" x 9" , overall height is 18 3/4" . Fully extended width is 39" . For a shorter (14" high) version of #TS1, order #TS1S
18 3/4 $56.09 each
J-TS1M Rectangular-Platform Display
Mirrored Acrylic
18 3/4 $76.89 each
J-TS1S Rectangular-Platform Display 14 $58.12 each
J-TS2 Rectangular-Platform Display
Platforms are 8" x 12" , overall height is 18 3/4" . Fully extended width is 54" . For a shorter (14" high) version of #TS2, order #TS2S
18 3/4 $105.70 each
J-TS2M Rectangular-Platform Display
Mirrored Acrylic
14 $151.44 each
         NOTE: All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise indicated.

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