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Plate And Picture Displays

Plate and picture displays professionally display your products and collectibles. Showcase your plates and framed pictures to their best advantage. Low prices, fast delivery, largest online catalog of quality display products. Shop at Potomac Display for your plate and picture displays. Plate displays are available in numerous styles. Hanging plate displays, wire plate displays, acrylic and plastic plate display are available here. Many of our plate displays can also be used as a framed pictures display.

Useful Information For hanging plates: Avoid hanging plates over doors. A door slam could cause the plate to fall hitting you, a loved one or a guest. Don't use old rusted displays on your plates, they can damage the plate rim or worse yet break and destroy your plate. If you have an expensive plate using plate wires be sure the display has plastic protected ends that grip the plate and protect the rim from scratching. You can hang your plate with adhesive hangers but be sure the back of the plate is smooth and not ridged or porous. Do not use adhesive hangers on valuable plates or large heavy plates if you value them and your skull. Large plates are safer sitting and large expensive plates would be safer in a display case. Acrylic plate stands come in a variety of sizes and thickness to support heavy plates. Being clear acrylic the plate stand does not distract from the object it is displaying. Wood plate stands will add warmth and come in many finishes to compliment your collectible. Wire plate stands in gold finish will also add elegance to a plate but its a good idea if the plate has some gold or yellow in the plate to harmonize with the plate. Check the categories in the left column for the type of plate stand you are seeking also see "easels" by going back one page and clicking on the easel category on the left.

Items shown on the displays in our catalog are not included. We sell just the display.
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