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Tall Risers

Tall risers works well to accent objects of art and collectibles. Placing several different height tall riser near each other topped with vases can make a stunning display. How to use tall risers:

First, decide on how high each tall riser needs to be. Keep in mind placing very tall objects on tall risers may look somewhat awkward. Next, weigh the object that's going to sit on the tall riser. The heavier the object the thicker the tall riser acrylic will need to be to support your object. Thickness of the tall riser shouldn't exceed 3/8". Thickness is important to keep the sides(legs)from bowing. Tall risers can be made thicker but at 1/2" thick they are hard to bend. If you must go thicker consider the tall riser being made from 3 pieces of acrylic rather than one piece bent into shape. If the tall riser is only 6" tall and supporting light jewelry the thickness isn't much of an issue. In this case 1/8" or 3/16" is sufficient. Keep in mind that a tall riser doesn't sit well on carpet. If you must sit the tall riser on carpet use a wood or a piece of marble floor tile(Lowes or Home Depot less than $10.) under it to stabilize the tall riser and quite possibly enhance the whole setting. Tall risers work well in a contemporary setting and not so well as an early American accent. Finally, if your object that is going to sit on the tall riser is very heavy consider using a pedestal to protect your investment. You can pic up a concrete pedestal in Michaels for around $30. Far less and much safer for heavy objects of art. If you don't see a tall riser you need in our list of stock items please contact us for a quote on custom made acrylic tall risers. Custom made items are more expensive than stock items.

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time looking at our tall riser information and products. We hope to hear from you.

Tall Riser
Tall risers are half again as tall as they are wide. For example, the R6T riser is 6" square on top and 9" tall.
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