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Square and Narrow Risers

Square risers are the best sellers of all risers. If you don't see a size you can use we can custom make the riser you need. Square and Narrow risers are available in three piece sets in various sizes. Using three or more square or narrow risers about an inch in difference makes for useful and attractive stair step design to show your objects to their fullest advantage. Small narrow risers work well with jewelry and especially to display rings.

Thank you for taking your time to look at our square and narrow risers.

Narrow Riser
Narrow risers are half as deep as they are wide and tall. For example, the R6N riser is 6" high, 6" wide, and 3" deep.
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Small Three-Legged Pedestal
Use these clear acrylic displays as pedestal for small items, or invert them to hold spherical objects or small bowls.
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Square Riser
Square risers are the same dimensions in height, width, and depth.
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Thick Beveled Riser
All sizes of these square risers are made of 3/8"-thick acrylic with beveled edges
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